Building My Forth Studio

Needing a Studio Closer to Home:

After having been in the studio on Simon Street for only a couple of years, we decided we needed to move to another location.  We wanted to locate the home and studio in the same place.  Our two-bedroom home on Weizman would get smaller quickly because my wife was expecting our second child, and we needed to move to a larger house.  I considered it vital for me to be near as my sons grew, and since my wife was helping in the studio, it would also make her life easier.  We needed a place that met several criteria.  We needed a piece of property that was large enough to build a studio, which meant that we needed something in a location that could be zoned commercial or be outside the city limits.

Installing the gas line
Digging the gas line trench to the kiln slab.

Additional Criteria:

Additionally, we also needed a buyer who was willing to carry the note and take a low down payment.  We planned to use the profit we made from our current home to finance the new studio.  Plus, there would also be expenses moving the current studio to the new location.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it.

Finding and buying:

In April of 1978, my second son was born.  After the dust settled from his arrival, we began to look for a place to move to in earnest.  My father-in-law was our real estate broker who was a big help except that he had some opinion about where we should live.  He didn’t want us to live too far from where they lived because it might limit access to his grandchildren.  We put our house on the market and sold it very quickly, which added pressure to the search for a new location.  We had been praying about the new location and felt like God told us we would find a place that fit all our requirements.  It was getting near our moving date, and we had not found a place that met our requirements.  Friends and family began to tell us that we could not find a place in the time that we had left and we needed to rent an apartment.  We held fast to our belief that God had something for us, and within a week of the date that we had to be out of our house, we found a place on Huebner Rd that fit all of our criteria.  The seller accepted our offer, and we moved in within a week; it was early August of 1978.  Now all I had to do was build a studio.  What could go wrong?

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